dear josh,

this is great. you are great. i particularly like this line:

"Surprised with a divorce after 10 years of marriage. How did they know exactly what I wanted? Let’s party!"



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Busy week, so only just got to read this. I want to say that this

“One positive that will come out of this is that you no longer have to be married to a person who (it turns out) would surprise-divorce you.”

not only made me laugh, but it feels deeply comforting. One of my dear friends got surprise-divorced after 20 years of marriage, and I’ve never seen that kind of grief pour out of someone. It was awful. Eventually he understood that his (now ex) wife was the kind of person who refused to speak openly about her feelings. That’s on her. He deserved better and deserved to be married to someone who *didnt* behave like that.

The money sitch, tho. Woof.

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I was thinking you were going to mention that LeBron's tantrums might tarnish his legacy but then again, I just think technology makes his outbursts more meme-worthy.

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