I wrote about doldrums this week too!

My solution is twofold. (1) Make up elaborate stories and new traditions for this time. (2) Co-opt any old traditions to which you have a semi-reasonable ancestral claim. (In addition to having a badass goddess to worship instead of a groundhog at this time, the British Isles also have boxty, which seems good, and the French have crepes, which are obviously great.)


Also, I'm glad that I'm not the only person who can't stop thinking about that NYMag piece.

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Have you *seen* the kinds of things people do?

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Two things, 1) that description of Belle and Sebastian’s music sounding the way Wes Anderson’s movies look is new to me and so perfectly spot on, I love it. B) I laughed till I cried at "the felt ceiling", and I have to say, it had never dawned on me that someone would be a professional mascot, so kudos to K for working on that dream, that's awesome!

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dear josh,

love you!

love the word "doldrums."*

love "what would a person do?"

i think a person would love you!

and a person does!

great words about bodies, friend!

great superman impression as well!

great newsletter!

love you bud,


PS that "bread doesn't qualify as bread" tidbit is BANANAS! (not banana bread though.)

* is there a positive flipside word to "doldrums" that means the opposite?

if not, could there be? a person wants to know!

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It’s been so long since I’ve listened to Belle and Sebastian, thanks for the reminder!

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I don’t think you’re wrong about the body image stuff! I’m fat and disabled, and finding community in both those identities has been hugely helpful for my mental health.

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“What would a person do?” is a common sense, pleasant way of resolving dilemmas. PS: I wrote about the list today, too. I defended Edible Arrangements.

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"im a control freak who doesn't like massages"


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dear good project

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