dear josh,

you are great and this is great as always.

particular great things i will highlight:

-- Beyoncé Knowles-Carter set the all-time record for Grammy award wins, finally vanquishing her nemesis, previous record holder and classical music conductor Georg Solti

-- Most of us, however, are not Beyoncé. (SPEAK FOR YOURSELF)

-- us normzos

-- a body isn’t like a 1999 Toyota Corolla; you can’t just get rid of it and start taking the subway.

you have done work that is funny and kind! love!

love you, love this, love all,


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Feb 14, 2023Liked by Josh Gondelman

Mazel Tov on the Wait Wait gig

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Feb 13, 2023Liked by Josh Gondelman

Fiiiiiiiiiiiine, calling the doctor now. There's no public transportation option here, anyway.

And thanks.

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That app rec sounds perfect for me, I hope it comes out for Android too. Thanks for the cheer! I'm enjoying catching up on your archive.

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I felt exactly the same about Adam Yauch. And De La will be available for streaming on 3/3!

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Was so excited to see you in Philly and it didn't disappoint. Thanks for gracing our city!

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