Thanks for these Josh! I'm definitely cruising toward "middle-aged birder person lady" territory, but I respect that not everyone thrills to the sounds of warblers (wahhhblaaahhhs as we say in Boston, as you know) at 4 am. Related: Said wahblahs are unfazed by cries of "Fuck the FUCK OFF, already!" Also related: Are you considering turning this pep talk series into a book? As a writer, I should not be advocating the lazy-ish compilation project, akin to ANOTHER DMB Live album (How many times have you BEEN to Red Rock, Dave? How many versions of Jimi Thing can conceivably be in existence? Can we get some quantum physicists to weigh in here?) BUT I would definitely purchase because these are such *chef's kiss* and probably a great addition to anyone's guest and/or bathroom. Thanks!

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1. I love starting my work weeks with your newsletter even though I can get lazy with “liking” the posts. Pretty sure you don’t write them to score a like from some rando anyway.

2. I laughed so hard at your bird bit. Deeply consider putting this in your next standup special as it is v. relatable - does anyone like waking up to the chaos that is atonal birdsong?

3. I had no idea T-Swizzle and Her Longest Relationship Ever had dissolved. I very much look forward to her LP The Phoenix (lulzzzz), but also know that her best output (aside from Red) was recorded while she was with Alwyn. So who knows. This might come back to bite her. Time will tell.

4. Sorry this is so long and obnoxious. This newsletter isn’t about me, it’s about you, and you’re marvelous.

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I loved this (and found your newsletter through Notes if that's helpful feedback)!

Massively agree with the bird pep talk, the birds in London are LOUD.

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dear josh,

great pepping as always!

i would add to the person whose relationships have all ended after 3 months, these thoughts:

1) five is not a lot of relationships

2) three months is much longer than one date!

3) in the world of acting auditions, there are some actors that always or often get callback auditions, and then get a much lower number of parts, which makes sense, because people can be great actors and not the right fit for a specific part. and here, i think that the letter writer is basically getting a callback every time (three months dating!) and then not getting the part (longer term relationship) for whatever reason, but that there's potentially a part (or many parts) out there that will be a right fit.

good luck everyone!



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Fun. I read once that scientists had determined after thousands of hours of study that two-thirds of birds' sound-making is to mark territory or establish dominance. All that beautiful "singing" is pure politics.

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