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You are a gem. There’s your pep talk from me, a stranger.

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[googling 'creamy mcRib']

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dear josh,

i always love these and i always love you.

some specific things i love THIS time:

-- it’s peppin’ time!

-- he thinks there didn’t used to be so many Jewish holidays (!!!)

-- Stop carrying me out of here on your shoulders for my bravery

-- finding out the filling in stuffed-crust pizza was made from heroin

-- ewww, but also, hmmm

-- Your daughter is still your daughter at any distance

-- You don’t have to trust a pigeon

-- that sentence reveals a lot about my personal psychology

-- the chumps and the hacks are not waiting for permission or symbolism to start their careers (!!!)

-- you deserve to give yourself at least as good a chance as the diarrhea people

-- you can certainly fake their confidence

-- all the rest of it! (tour dates included!)

love you bud!


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