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Who are you again?

I’m Josh Gondelman, a comedian and writer. You may have seen my work on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver or Desus & Mero. Or maybe you’ve heard me on NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. Or, maybe not! No hard feelings! I’ve also written a book and released a standup special.

What is this though?

Every week, I’ll send out a few short pep talks for readers, strangers, and inanimate objects. Plus I’ll recommend another nice thing or two to enjoy, and I’ll keep you up to date on Josh Gondelman-related news like tour dates and podcast appearances.

What’s with the name of this newsletter?

I panicked and used a quote from The Big Lebowski.

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Josh Gondelman

I'm a writer and comedian, and I drink iced coffee in any weather. I write a weekly newsletter of pep talks called That's Marvelous.