Josh, this was my favorite newsletter of yours yet. In fact, I’d love to share your answer on my substack (if you’re down with that, that is!). It’s all about taking the scenic and/or non-traditional route to family building and learning stuff along the way, and I think you nailed this advice to Anonymous (who can come sit next to me any time). Plus, the English teacher in me is cackling SO nerdily at these lines about Moby Dick and Hester Prynne.

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Disgusting to give a pep talk to both Ahab and the whale!!! PICK A SIDE, GONDELMAN!!!!

(Otherwise, great edition, loved it)

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dear josh,

you are great.

this is great.

dead crow is great (have fun!).

that moby dick pep talk is great.

your pep talks are great.

gary gulman is great.

“Hey, look at us now! We’re really doing it!” is great.

thank you for all the great!



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Apr 17Liked by Josh Gondelman

Excellent, as usual. One note: we are going to assume you’re a Wait Wait panelist unless you tell us otherwise. You can drop that unless you’re still reveling in your post host glory, in which case, carry-on.

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